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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Celebration Tour - Part 5 - Whistler, BC

Monday, July 31st

Ray and I woke up at 7:30, I guess walking so much pooped us out. A lazy start to our morning and making sure Ray uses the hot tub before we start out our day today. Muffins and coffee to start. After Ray's hot tub and me working on the blog, we finally took the car out of the parkade and headed towards Squamish to check out Alexander Falls. How beautiful.

"Alexander Falls is a very impressive 43 metre/141foot waterfall just 30 to 40 minutes south of Whistler in the Callaghan Valley. Open year-round and located just before Whistler Olympic Park where several of the 2010 Olympic events were held. There is a nice viewing platform on the edge of the cliff across from the falls which crash fantastically into the valley below."

Here are some pictures Ray took of the falls and the mountains.

Next it was off to get some lunch. We chose Dusty's BBQ at Whistler Creekside. The food was great. Ray and I shared the pulled pork tacos and the BBQ ribs. Delicious. The gondola from Creekside was working only for bikers going up the mountain.

There was also a private gondola next to the Whistler Creekside Gonola that was private only for the expensive houses on the ridge called Kadenwood which is a neighbourhood located on Whistler Mountain at the highest allowable building elevation in Whistler (almost 1,000 ft above the valley floor).There are a total of 60 home-sites in Kadenwood.

Private Gondola on the right.
Example of the houses in Kadenwood
After lunch we tried to get some pictures of the lakes in the area. Most of them were private access only. The parks that we saw on google only had trails for water access. Not very accessible to anyone else not paying big $$$. We did finally find a small park on Green Lake to have a look at the shoreline.

Alpha Lake

Alpha Lake

Green Lake
Finally we decided to head back to the hotel as it was already 3 pm. After  changing we spent 2 hours poolside in the shade enjoying the outdoors. We have not done this, sitting at the pool for an afternoon, since our kids were small and we were at Disneyland.

At 5 pm it was time to get changed and figure out where to go. First up was on Ray's wish list, having a beer on the Village Stroll. We got a small table at the Brew House on the stroll. This place is owed by the same company that we visit in Surrey, called Big Ridge Brewing. Somewhat different menu though.

We continued down the stroll thinking we would have Sushi for dinner. The place Ray had chosen ended up having a limited menu and NO AIRCONDITIONING! Considering it was  28 or more degrees outside that was not acceptable so we continued walking towards our hotel and stumbled upon The Brickworks Public House which was very close to our hotel. Wow the food was excellent and so much less expensive for what we had been paying. This made Ray a very happy camper.

What's this green stuff on my Pork Belly!

I quote from Ray ... "Oh Yumm!"
After dinner we strolled back to our hotel and watched a little TV while I worked on the blog. Tomorrow we check out and head to Squamish to spend the night with Garrett and Kat.

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