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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Kamloops, Dinner with Kat's parents

Thursday, September 7th

Arrived at the Kamloops Costco by 9:30 am. Not a long drive today. It sure was smokey, enough to make my eyes water. While the coach was at Costco, I took the car and did all of our other grocery shopping while Ray and Freya waited inside the coach. We arrived at Kamloops RV Park around 1 pm. I checked us in and we slid into our pull-through quite quickly. Good thing I reserved 6 weeks ago. The park is full. When Ray left the Costco parking lot he noticed a yellow warning light come on in the dash. The motor seemed to run fine so he continued to the RV Park.
Once settled I started the multitude of laundry after 12 days dry camping. Ray layed down for a couple of hours to rest up for our dinner tonight. We were meeting Kat's parents, Garrett's SO, for the first time.

I checked on the computer regarding the warning light and Ray checked our manuals ... no references to the exact picture. Ray decided to call Cummins tomorrow morning to ask what it might be.

Off we went at 6:15 pm to drive into town. Ray and I decided to take Shuswap Road, on the other side of the river from Highway 1 into town. Glad we did, as we came across a herd of Bighorn Sheep right beside the road. We also saw an eagle and a bunch of grouse. More wildlife besides cows we had seen in days! lol

For some reason they were all standing in a line, ignoring us in the car.

We met up with Anna and Bill at the Hoodos at Sun River, a golf resort in Kamloops with a view of downtown, which unfortunately was covered in smoke. Ray and I thoroughly enjoyed our 2 1/2 hour visit. We had lots of things to talk about other than just our kids, such as common places travelled and new places we all wanted to see. Thanks for dinner you guys it was delicious, and of course for the bottle of wine and chocolates. Hope to see you again next time we come through Kamloops.

Deb, Ray, Bill and Anna
Friday, Sepember 8th

Today with fingers crossed, we wait to hear the news about our Fedex package containing our new cabling for our satellite dish. Should arrive from Williams Lake/Quesnel this morning, we hope. More laundry on the schedule for me. Ray and I hoped to visit the Riverside Park for some photos, but with the smoke there is no point. Oh well, Ray will get a good rest and I've lots of cleaning to do. We did pop out to get our Travel Medical Insurance. With Pacific Blue Cross on strike, we had to actually go to a broker to add to our existing insurance. What a pain. Anyways after they took our information we came back home and by 1:30 we finally have our policy, sent via email.

I kept trying to find some reference to the "yellow warning light" and found one cause can be  a sensor of some kind ... ? Ray called Cummins at 8:30 this morning and they were available to see us right away. I made a made dash to stow everything in preparation for Ray to drive it to the dealer. Before leaving Ray went and checked all of the fluid levels and jiggled a sensor on the coolant. He started the coach up and guess what ... no more warning light! I guess the rough road out from Paska jiggled the sensor as it was only on after the trip out yesterday. Yeah!

Finally at about 1pm our package arrived from Fedex ... wrong name of RV Park (Camp Loops instead of Kamloops) but fortunately correct address!!! After some lunch Ray, headed up to the roof to see if he could hook up the wires so the dish will operate correctly ... we shall see. If this does not work after replacing the LNB and all of the wiring to the Trav'ler motor we will have to make an appointment in Calgary. Fingers, toes and anything else is crossed at the moment! Welllllllll. That did not go well. Still same message NO LNB VOLTAGE. So ... we have one more thing to try with some other cable and then it will be make an appointment in Calgary.

On another note, on Tuesday afternoon at Paska Lake, we noticed that someone had left a fry pan on the fire grate a few campsites over. It looked to be really blackened but seemed quite heavy so probably a good pan. When our friends Paul and Giselle came over to bring us the first package, I mentioned it to her. She decided to take it home after I told her baking soda and vinegar should bring it back up. Well she sent me a picture of it today. Wow. It was a copper bottomed fry pan. Looks great.

The old baking soda and vinegar sure worked. I guess I will have to treat the bottoms of my pans in the cupboard!

Both Ray and I are looking forward to starting our winter trip tomorrow morning. It has been a long time since we were travelling and seeing new things. It will also be nice to get out of this smoke. Hopefully Lake Louise and Banff are clear. Apparently Golden and Revelstoke are horrible according to our neighbours last night, who had just come from that direction.


  1. Well your heading our direction and we're heading yours... perhaps we'll manage a meetup. We hope to be in Banff area in about 2 weeks... PS I have managed to maintain my morning routing of reading Blogs with Coffee. :)

  2. Safe travels as you start your winter trip south! xo