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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Lake Louise in Banff National Park

Monday, Sept 11th

Today we've quite a few things planned since the weather forecast shows rain possibly tomorrow and clouds for three days. We were up fairly early after a great nights sleep. Cold and clear out at 2C. After walking the dog we were out the door by 7:30 am to get to the Gondola. I'd purchased tickets in advance which included a buffet breakfast for $38.95/person at the Whiskey Jack Lodge. The gondola alone was $34.95 so for Ray and I at $4 each for breakfast it's a steal. It was pretty good too. Although it was not supposed to open for breakfast until 8:30 we were able to eat at 7:55 am.

We were only the second group to go up this morning. It was a balmy -2C at the top. We did not visit the Grizzly Bear Habitat as it was quite a walk downhill and too hard on Ray. We had seen the grizzlies earlier in July at Grouse Mountain anyways. The views are spectacular. While going up the gondola we noticed a forest fire about 5 km up towards Jasper. Once at the top I notified the Gondola people so they could make sure it was taken care of. It had been put out by the time we came back down the chair lift an hour later thankfully.

Forest Fire

Us framing Victoria Glacier above the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

This whole adventure including breakfast only took 1 1/2 hours as we didn't walk around at the top of the mountain.

Next up we drove back up to Lake Louise before it got too busy. Arrived by 9:30. The parking lot was already full. Used Ray's handicap pass again instead of walking 1km before even entering the grounds.

Here are some pictures of the hotel.

Off we went for a walk on the right side of the lake before it got too busy.

Circa 1910 Ski Cabin on Lake Louise now private residence.

We jumped back in the car and headed out in hopes of going to Moraine Lake. They have parking attendants at the turn off to the lake and monitor traffic flow as the parking lot is very small, so I showed Ray's handicaped sticker and they let us through. Gorgeous drive to the lake.

The parking lot is extremely busy there and the tour buses take up a majority of it, sometimes blocking traffic .... I was stuck for 10 minutes, unable to get to a parking spot so sent Ray on ahead. Definitely worth the hassel though. Ray managed to get the "money shot". Best picture yet, I think.

Absolutely stunning.
We did not walk too far down the path as it was all in the shade at the other end.
Canoe Rentals

Here is the view of Lake Louise Village with the ski hill in behind on the way back down the mountain.

Showing all the ski runs.

The lodge with a small cafe at Moraine Lake
We didn't stay too long and we returned to the campsite by 11:15 am. We took the dog for her walk and then chucked her back into the motorhome. She was not too happy. Lunch was next up. We had planned to go to the Outpost Pub but found it wasn't open until 4:30. Second Choice was Lake Louise Bar and Grill ... walked in, looked at menu, and left. Third choice was the Mountain Restaurant and ended up having a delicous lunch and the view was pretty good too. I had enough left-overs for Ray's dinner. :)

View of Victoria Glacier. Loads and loads of tourist waiting to get on a bus.
Back home we walked Freya again and then spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in our loungers and throwing the stick/ball for the dog. At 6 pm we drove to one end of the campsite and took a short walk on the Bow River Trail for these shots and then drove to the other end for this last shot.

This is the glacier we get a peek a boo look of from our campsite.
The end to another lovely action packed day.... Ray is going to pay for this one unfortunately.

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  1. What a busy day filled with adventure, spectacular scenery and great pictures! We passed through on our way south from Alaska last year but did not spend a lot of time due to the massive crowds. Seeing your post, we wish we would have done the gondola ride.