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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Paska Lake near Logan Lake, BC

Sunday, August 27th

Woke up to a very chilly morning of 5C and clear skies. Once the sun came up it warmed up quickly. Ray and I spent the day blowing up our floaty boats and then relaxed in the shade on our private beach. We did not set up too much stuff outside as we are moving campsites on Tuesday after our friends Paul and Giselle leave ... they have the better site! It was great just sitting by the lake, throwing the stick in for Freya and just chillin out. It is great this year we have cell coverage and I don't have to leave camp every day to check for messages. We were both tired so went to bed about 8 pm and layed there listening to Paul play and sing with his guitar for the next 2 hours. Lovely.  When we arrived at Paska Lake yesterday we were unable to get our satelitte TV to work.

Cow Camp

Maiden Voyage

Monday, August 28th

Again woke up to a somewhat chilly morning but nothing our Big Buddy heater can't handle and within 10 minutes it is warm enough to climb out of bed. Freya is so happy to be somewhere else she is bouncing around constantly wanting her stick thrown and then running in circles. Like a totally different dog from staying at Dad's. I guess she was bored with all of the same smells.

This morning though, there is the smell of smoke in the air and it is a little hazy near the mountain across the lake. Hopefully this will be short lived. Our good friends, Steve and Dianne, came for a visit today for lunch as they are workcamping at Tunkwa Lake this summer. So excited to see them. I made a batch of chili in my instant pot for lunch in advance so we had plenty of time to visit and catch up.

Both Dianne and Steve tried out my new kayak and both liked it. Possibly a kayak in the future for Dianne????

Picture by Steve's camera

Picture by Steve's camera
After lunch our neighbours Pauline and Jerome came to say Hi before packing up and leaving. Here is a picture of Jerome, who Pauline says she never can get a picture of so I took one for her! Jerome had us in stitches ... he is a really funny french man.

 Giselle, Paul and Chris came over to visit as well. They met Steve and Dianne 2 summers ago when we left Paska to head to Peter Hope Lake and gave them our spot. A lovely afternoon. The wind came up quite a bit this afternoon so no floating on the lake for either Ray or myself. Maybe tomorrow am? Giselle and Paul are pulling out tomorrow so we will take their spot.

Tuesday, August 29th

Woke up to a cold 3C at 6 am. Stayed inside until it warmed up and by 8am we were both busy stowing everything in preparation to move 2 sites over into Site 11 after Paul and Giselle leave. By 10 am we're backed in and spent a couple of hours setting everything up. A much easier move as we just carried a lot of our stuff over instead of putting it away. Ray and I spent the rest of the day sitting in the shade. Although quite warm, it was a really windy day and it did not let up at all so we were unable to fish.

Sunset over Kyles Kastle

Wednesday, August 30th

Cold again this morning and we could see the fish jumping like crazy. We waited until about 8 am and then both went out fishing. First time for me in my new kayak. The wind came up pretty soon after we got out so I decided to go down to the picnic area and drop my anchor and fish from there. Within a few minutes I had a fish on, almost to the boat before a gust of wind came up, my line lufted and the fish got off. But my new rod works great ... thanks to Jason for making it for me. Of course I wore my new Royal Coachman earrings Jason had made especially for me from a friend in his fly fishing club, on for luck.

They are royal coachman on sterling silver earring hooks and beads, antique jet beads (about 1880), Russian crystal from 1920 and an orange bugle bead from 1900-1910.

Shortly after the wind really came up so I paddled back home. There were even whtecaps on the lake. The kayak performed well although my arms were definitely tired when I finally reached our campsite. Ray managed to get 2 fish and when he went out later after supper he had another one that I was able to get a picture of him.

Barbecued hamburgers were on the menu so he could get fishing early. I decided to stay on shore as my arms had enough of a work out for one day. lol

We also went into Logan Lake  for water and dumping some garbage. While we were there we picked up some new cable wires as this is the first step to try and find out if the No LNB Voltage would be fixed. We had the same problem in early April and the Shaw Direct guy ended up changing out a wire to have the system work properly. This time it was not the case. Will need to phone Winegard for ideas.

Thursday, August 31

Up at 6, again 3C. Thank goodness for the big buddy heater which works like a charm. After coffee, Ray went out fishing by 7:30 as the lake was calm.

The lake at 6:30 am this morning, gorgeous.

I followed Ray out onto the lake by 8 am. Beautiful morning. Only had one nibble in 1 1/2 hours but it was very peaceful. I guess I need more practice or Ray did not put the right fly on the end of my rod????? No I do not know how to change flies yet! but Ray is going to teach me. Ray only had 3 hits this morning but nothing landed. By 9:30 the wind was up so we called it. Last night the campsite started filling up already for the long-weekend. Glad we got our spot ahead of the rest. We can just sit back and watch the confusion.

After fishing Ray phoned Winegard about our LNB problem. They ended up shipping us a new one and new covered cableling. It was supposed to be shipped overnight Fedex.

The range cows managed to come around the fence at our site this afternoon. Big scarey me walked towards them and they high tailed it back around the fence to the other side. I phoned Garrett to tell him "Mom's still got it". (Inside joke when he was a teenager his friends knew to be wary of me if they were not behaving!)

Yikes ... here she comes!
On Freya's last walk, Ray managed to get himself caught up in some barbed wire. Ouch! Same leg he cut himself on at Dad's earlier, working on the gate.

This looks worse than it actually is.

Friday, September 1st

Hard to believe August is gone! Wow. Another beautiful day. The campsite really filled up last night with rigs coming in until dusk. Still half a dozen spots available on the hill though. Ray and I went out fishing at 8 am this morning again. Totally calm. We were the only people on the lake. I guess everyone stayed up partying for their first night of camping??? After about an hour the wind came up and I came in as I was getting blown in circles ... kind of hard to keep the line straight. I did however, have four fish take significant bites but they all got off before I could set the hook. I still am too uncoordinated handling the paddle, the rod  and stripping the line in at the same time. More practice needed. Ray had several bites as well.

When we got back, there were some missed phone calls from Fedex ... our package was in Richmond and we needed to pay $33.10 in duty before it could be released. Ray phoned them and apparently our package was put on the "slow train" and would not be here until Sept 8th. Ray "blew a louie" and called Winegard back and after about an hour on hold he finally was able to talk with the person that originally sent the package ... they are refunding the shipping but now we do not know if we will get the package in time before we leave Logan Lake, or Kamloops area for that matter. Stay tuned!!!!! The package is addressed to our friends Paul and Giselle in Logan Lake With this being the long weekend who knows. We may have to extend our stay in Kamloops by one day, drive back to Logan Lake  on Friday, Sept 8th to pick up the package and drive all the way to Lake Louise the next day where we have a paid campsite for 3 days instead of stopping half way there.

We took Freya for her first boat ride this afternoon in my kayak. She did pretty good with Ray towing me around the lake. I think with practice she will love coming with me. Ray will have to take a picture of us.

Tonight Ray went back out fishing. His boat is working well for him and he finds it very relaxing as he is basically in a recumbent position which doesn't hurt his back. So glad it is working out for him and it is something he can do without adding to his usual pain.

Saturday, September 2nd

Another glorious day. Ray's back is a little sore this morning so we're in relax mode. My arms are a little sore from all of the paddling I'm not used to so I think I will take the morning off as well. Quite a bit warmer this morning at 8C. Certainly noticed that the inside temp of the Motorhome was at 60 instead of 52F at 6 am.


  1. That was a great visit and the chili was awesome! It was nice to see Paul, Giselle and Chris again, and your neighbours too. Now we know what it's like in one of those Sea Eagles everyone seems to have and rave about.

  2. Are you continuing East from Lake Louise? We might cross paths as we'll be in SK for a couple of weeks before moving West again.

    1. We will be in Lake Louise from Sept 10-12 and the Banff from Sept 13-16th. From there we are going south to see the Waterton Lakes National Park, taking advantage of the Canada 150 free parks pass and then crossing into USA September 21st. Hope you are enjoying your "new life". We sure are.

  3. Good to see you met up with Steve and Dianne and are getting out fishing! I am sure that the reason you did not catch any the that Ray is not putting on the right fly. We have fished out of ours a couple of times and I am waiting for the moment when we catch a big northern and one of the hooks go through the side of the boat!

    1. I would imagine a big northern would take you for a ride as well! :) lol