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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Panguitch, Red Canyon, Dixie National Forest, Utah

Wednesday, October 4th continued

While I was shopping in Panguitch, Ray strolled a little with Freya and took these pictures. They have some pretty old brick buildings. All circa 1864. It seems most of the "old buildings" in this corner of the world happened in the 1870-90's.

Our Hobo Dinner turned out great. Cooked in the required time 25 minutes. This inspires me to try other things at a later date. lol

We ate early as Ray wanted to drive the 20 minutes to Red Canyon to take sunset shots of the red rocks. He was out the door by 6:15 pm and was back about 7:30. He said he was successful so here are his pictures.

Here's a picture of the two tunnels (13'6"height) you must drive through to get to Bryce.

Where the white arrow is shows the second tunnel you must drive through.. (13'6")

After these shots, Ray managed to capture a picture of the full moon on his way back on Hwy 12. Beautiful.  It's grainy due to distance as the sun was going down quickly and he didn't want to lose the colour in the cliffs.

A good shot to say goodnight.


  1. Beautiful Pictures

  2. Red Canyon is one of our favorite places to go! Pictures are absolutely gorgeous, and that moon!!

    1. Thanks for the comments, Ray was very pleased to be able to catch the moment.

  3. Great shots Ray! Love the moon shot.