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Winter sunrise, Lake Cowichan, B.C.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Motorhome basement broken into.

Here is a spring picture from April 2015 of the Agassi Tulip Festival. Things are way behind this year.

Well, another week has gone by. We've had 2 more showings of the house so there is still in interest out there. With all of the new changes with the mortgage affordability test, foreign buyers tax etc. properties over $1M  are not selling as fast. Also there is a scare that the housing bubble is about to burst. Fingers crossed that we don't get caught up in off of this.

Wednesday, April 4th, Ray noticed that a compartment door was open in the motorhome. When he went out to check he found the lock had been forced and our brand new camp stove and cover had been taken. Upon further investigation on the drivers side, hidden from view of the house, another 2 compartments had been broken into and 4 of our new Lifeline 6-Volt batteries were stolen. Fortunately they did not open all the compartments or they would have found our other 6 Lifeline batteries. Can't wait to get out of the Lower Mainland onto Vancouver Island. According to the police thieves take batteries for methamphetamine production. They will get a surprise when they find out these are AGM gel batteries. This is the 46,408 theft in Surrey since January 1st 2018 so the chances of the police finding who did it is pretty slim.

Ray and I managed to catch up with some friends of ours for lunch on Thursday as we had to get out of the house for a showing anyways. Bill and Pam Freckleton are friends we met on Hornby Island the second summer of full-timing when we explored Vancouver Island. They took the plunge last July, sold everything and bought a new to them motorhome and are now full-timers themselves. We were supposed to meet up with them in Quartszite in January but with Dad's death we came back home from the States early. As usual I forgot to take pictures so here is an old one of them. :)

The rest of the week Ray and I 've been checking out furniture places to see what we might want for our new house. Most of our old stuff went to the kids 6 years ago or was sold with our Nanaimo house. Great fun looking.


  1. Bummer about your break-in, that really sucks. But the tulips are beautiful, hopefully they will bloom soon!

  2. The tulips are beautiful...just need more sunshine now! Really sucks about the coach being broken into...hopefully, the house will sell soon!

  3. Sorry to read about the theft. Thankfully they didn't get into the other compartments or even inside. Hope they don't come back for a return visit.
    Good luck with the house sale. Spring usually is a good time to buy and sell.
    You'll be seeing Spring long before we will in Alberta.