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Winter sunrise, Lake Cowichan, B.C.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

The kids come to visit and help out again!

Friday, June 1st

Around 10:30 am my replacement fridge was delivered and the old one taken back to BestBuy. I'd purchased a fridge for the garage as my fridge freezer in the kitchen isn't sufficient to stalk up on frozen meat as it is a longer drive into Duncan or Nanaimo to do any major provisioning. Anyways I purchased a floor demo for a great price. It had one very small dent but who was going to see it in the garage anyways. Well, it turned out to be a lemon. The compressor would come on but the fridge would not cool down, so back to the store it went. The new one works great. :) Now plenty of room for frozen burgers etc for company.

Kristi arrived with her two dogs around 3:30 pm. Great to see her and my grand puppies. Freya was beside herself. Jason stayed home to go fishing with his fishing club. Garrett and Kat managed to catch the 7:30 pm ferry out of Horseshoe Bay and arrived at 11 pm. Ray and I had a snooze and woke up at 10:30 so we were awake when they arrived at 11 pm. After the dogs all settled back down we all went back to bed at 12:30 am. Boy that is the longest Ray and I have stayed up in awhile. lol Felt like a late night but we did have a 2 hour snooze in between. lol :)

Saturday morning everyone was up by 6 am ... damn dogs! Anyways after Carolans and coffee I made Eggs Benedict for breakfast. I needed to fuel up the crew for their tasks. Today's projects were to put up a joist in the garage so we could get a garage door opener installed and to put up all of our artwork Kristi graciously returned from displaying in her office. lol It was great to see our pictures again after 6 years. Certainly makes it feel more like home. :)

It was quite cloudy in the morning but the sun broke through after lunch. I fuelled up the crew again with tacos and then it was time to blow up my inflatable kayak and Ray's pontoon fishing boat. Ray, our photographer, set up to take the kids inaugural launch into the lake. So much fun listening to the girls squeal and laugh as they learned to operate the kayak!

Garrett had no problem rowing the pontoon boat around. The motor was not installed at this time as we needed to charge up the battery after it had been sitting since last summer. Kat, our water baby, even opted to dive in for a swim. Burrrrr. Ray missed getting a shot of her going in. lol

The dogs trying to get in the girls kayak!

Where ya going?

Everyone chilled on the patio after that while I cooked a 3-rib Prime Rib Roast on the BBQ that Kristi bought for me to cook. What a beautiful piece of beef. The dogs certainly stayed close for the whole cooking time. lol A great dinner was consumed with lots of help from my girls who did all of the dishes for me. Thanks a bunch guys.

A few hours of yakking and watching a bit of TV and we were all back in bed by 9 pm, I think.

Sunday after breakfast, a few more things were moved around by the crew under Ray's guidance. It sure is nice to have the help. Thanks a million guys.

Huey, Duey and Louie waiting patiently for breakfast. lol

Kristi, Garrett and Kat have a lunch date at the pub with an old friend and her husband from the Charlottes. Robyn and Garrett are the same age and went to elementary school together with Kristi one year behind. Ray and I stayed home to await the gardeners who are preparing the area that the dock guy will pour concrete sometime next week. (They ended up a no show).

Another great weekend. Thanks guys for helping us out.


  1. Looks like one of many more great family times to come!

  2. Great that you have the kids close by to come and help out! Looks like they had a fun time on the water too.