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Sunrise on our house, Lake Cowichan, BC

Monday, 22 April 2019

Easter fun

Friday morning Garrett and Kat with Kira were on the first ferry at Horseshoe Bay and arrived here by 9:30 am. They said the line-up at 5:30 in the morning in West Vancouver was 4 km down the highway. Even with their reservation it was hard to get to the toll booth with their reservation in hand because of all the traffic.

Kristi and Jason with their dogs arrived at noon and we all went to Jake's at the Lake for lunch. Garrett and Kat treated us all. Thanks guys. Let the festivities begin.

The afternoon cleared up so we had a campfire in the backyard.

So much for the newly planted lawn. lol
Kristi  made pulled pork and cornmeal muffins for dinner with Kat's help and I contributed with making a ceasar salad. The kids took care of all the dishes too and cleaned up the kitchen. What a treat for me.

Relaxed Saturday morning.

Jason's "happy place" with his own TV. lol

Saturday morning, after Garrett and Kat's waffles, the gang left me to handle getting the prep done for our Easter dinner. They all went into Duncan to the Farmer's Market. Ray snapped a bunch of pics of their adventure.

Busy Saturday market.

Someone even brought their bird!

Garrett, Kat, Kristi and Jason

They always have entertainment.

Jason with his coffee.

This is one of the totems on the downtown totem walk.

Perfect timing ... Ray texted that they were at the Country Grocer picking up Jason's parents birthday cake and I had just finished all my prep. The dogs were waiting patiently for their "people" to come home. lol

We all had my leftover lasagna for lunch and then the kids had some "dock time".

The kids helped getting all of the patio furniture back up onto the sundeck and the deck boxes onto the dock. There sure is a bunch more room now compared to last year with the old deck. All ready for Jason's parents to arrive.

Kat had a nap in the gravity chair on the dock while Garrett and Kristi went for a kayak trip down the lake. A beautiful warm spring day.

And they are off!

Garrett and Kristi are on their way back, how can you tell???

Jason's parents arrived shortly after 4 and we spent a couple of hours on the deck before dinner. Nadine brought us a bouquet of decorated easter cookies. Thanks they are lovely.

Dinner turn out great, lots of laughs. Again Kristi and Kat manned the kitchen and did the dishes again for me.

After dinner we had birthday cake that Kristi and Jason brought as both of Jason's parents have birthdays in the next couple of days.

A lot of "dog action"!

A lovely visit with Nadine and Dale. When they headed out to go back to Victoria around 9pm, everyone was pretty tired and headed to their own beds, other than Jason who went downstairs to watch TV.

Sunday morning, after coffee and toast, Garrett and Kat collected all of their stuff as well as a bunch of tools etc that Ray was giving Garrett. Their SUV was loaded to the gills! Off they went to catch the 12:15 pm ferry out of Departure Bay. They had a reservation so no troubles getting on.

After they headed out, the rest of the bunch, Kristi, Jason, Ray and I decided to take a trip to Skutz Falls and Cowichan Bay for an outing.

On the way back we treated for lunch at WhiteSpot. Once back home I got our irrigation up and running with all of the new plants, Kristi went for a nap and Ray and Jason watched a movie. The predicted clouds have moved in and it's quite gloomy out although warm at 14C.

The dogs are all tuckered out and spent the day sleeping. After dinner, Kristi and Jason headed home as Jason still is working on his reno and needs to get the sealer on the grouted tiles.

And that was our fabulous weekend with our kids.


  1. Looks like you used every foot of your new home! It's great to have kids come home but the tail lights are great too.😉

  2. Plenty of room inside and out for the whole family! Looks like you had a great time and Happy Easter. Looks like the dogs wanted to go in the kayaks too haha. Agreed that's a lot of dog action, big dog action. Good times.

  3. Lots of great family time! That’s a lot of big dogs to have running around 😉 but they sure look cute though on the dock. Looking forward to our visit tomorrow and the weather finally looks favorable!

  4. Looks like a relaxing weekend with family and there is no doubt that everyone ate well!