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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Back in BC at Peace Arch RV Park, Surrey

We actually ended up crossing the border yesterday, March 20th. The security people came by at around 10 am and told us that the area where we were parked was employee parking only and we would have to move into the RV area. Bummer. We have stayed at the end corner of this lot the last 3 times as it is next to a grass field that Freya loves. So, if we have to pack up we might as well make the run across the border. Another factor was the sun was out today but rain was the forecast tomorrow. I phoned the RV Park and they said it was no problem to arrive a day early.

Ray and I were all set up by 3 pm. A pretty tiring day so we kept "incognito" and did not call anyone until Tuesday afternoon to say we were home. Ray spent the rest of the day on his back in bed as we had visited relatives the past two days and his back was pretty sore. We did drop in on Ray's mom Tuesday after lunch for an hour or so in Burnaby and made sure we left shortly after 2 pm to miss all of the rush hour traffic coming back to Surrey. She is pretty frail and moves very slowly after her fall a month ago. At least her face has cleared up from all of the bruising.

While at the Tulalip Casino, I went into Walmart and purchase my new kitchen appliance, The Instant Pot, which will take the place of the slow cooker. It acts like a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker and warmer and.... and... and... 7 things anyways. I have been reading about them for awhile but when I found out that it was $79 USD at Walmart in Washington and $165 CND from Amazon I bit the bullet before crossing the border. Tonight will be my first "trial" with pork roast and veggies. It turned out marvelous. The roast was done in under an hour.

Wednesday, March 22, we woke to rain again. I'm starting to really miss southern California!

Thursday, we were off to the island to see Kristi and Jason. We've taken the ferry to and from the island many times over the years but never took any pictures!  Anyway, after paying the usual exorbitant fee and pulling into the line far away from the terminal building, off we went.

How many do you want?  Sunglasses, clothes, beads, remote vehicles, etc.

Classic picture "Kids 'n Candy

Ray's breakfast, Palmier's.  Don't see these in many bakeries.

Into the bowels of the ferry.

Near Miss.... Not

The Smoking Deck

Entrance Island into Nanaimo Harbour...... It becomes Exit Island on the way back out!

Arrived in Nanaimo at 12:30 and ran up island to the Nori Sushi Restaurant, only the best sushi anywhere. It was incredibly busy there even though it's after 1 pm on a Thursday. Ray and I sure enjoyed our meal.

The owner with some fresh delivery,

The quantity assures leftovers.... yummmm!

Back at Kristi and Jason's for the rest of the day. Ray and I bought KFC for dinner as Kristi had come off post call and had to work her clinic until 2 pm. The dogs had a great time playing together ... well mostly Freya. lol

Friday morning Freya got to go to doggy daycare for the day with Athena and Zeus. They all came back at 4 pretty tired. Kristi has a service that comes twice a week and picks up the dogs, runs them on trails for the day and brings them back late afternoon. Thanks Kristi for sending Freya. Ray and I went to our Dr appointments and then ran up island to collect our mail from Ray's brothers place.

Saturday morning we took the 10:15 am ferry back to the mainland.

Coal Terminal

Container Terminal next door

Ferry Terminal

We spent the rest of Saturday relaxing and then used my instant pot again and made sweet and sour pork with veggies and rice. Yummm.


  1. It's always nice to get home to see family and friends, but we hate all the appointments that goes with it. See you in a couple of weeks!

    1. Ain't that the truth. Can't wait to catch up when you are home. Other than the Monday we arrived, March 20th and Saturday, March 25th it has done nothing but rain. Pretty gloomy after being in AZ. On our trip home we managed to miss most of the rain on travel days but friends of ours had nothing but rain there whole trip home from Bakersfield. Hope you have better luck.