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Lake Cowichan view from our dock.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Carmel By The Sea and Monterey, CA

March 13th

As it was Sunday and we did not want to get in the way of the Sunday drivers, we stayed at camp getting caught up on some chores. We did step out to go to a local fruit and vegetable stand to pick up some fresh Artichokes ($5 for 5). The plants they grow from look like thistles or poppy bushes. Also fresh strawberries are now being picked daily. Yummm.

Ray also noticed in the store, these Barbecue Sauces and had to snap a picture! Real good shit, honestly. lol

All of this for $15. Unbelievable. It will all have to be eaten in the next week.

The traffic to and from the fruit stand was unbelievable, bumper to bumper at about 10 miles per hour for about 5 miles instead of the 65mph. Fortunately we'd decided not to go to Carmel or Monterey earlier as this would have been pretty painful to keep driving!

There is this huge beechwood tree in the front of our campsite and it drops these nuts from a hundred feet up ... mostly at night it seems. Almost sounds like gunfire!

As you can see fairly spacious lots but it should be at the price!

Monday morning Ray and I were out the door by 9 am on our way to see Carmel-By-The-Sea, where the mayor in 1986 was Clint Eastwood. The traffic was much better today than yesterday.We wound are way down from Hwy 1 on the very narrow and twisty streets and the first stop was at the Carmel Mission Basillica. One of the missions on the El Camino Real. Lovely gardens.

You can go inside for the price of $9 each. We decided to save the $18 and put it towards lunch. lol We continued to wind down the streets and made it to the Carmel River State Beach. There is a free day parking lot and a bathroom with a flush toilet. I imagine this is packed in the summer. Not really a surfing beach though so probably less people use it. There is the Carmel River Lagoon & Wetland Natural Preserve right beside the beach making it a great walking area too. This picture shows the Carmel River reaching the ocean.

We noticed this rock formation from this beach as it kind of looks like a face but when we got up closer via the road it really is just a pile of rocks.

Back in the car to go to the beginning of  the Carmel-by-the-Sea scenic drive which does end up at the picture above.

Absolutely stunning houses along this road. Lots of old craggy cyprus trees. There was one small house for sale with a poster box so I grabbed one for shits and giggles. Yup going to buy it tomorrow!

After this 4 mile scenic drive we went back to the beginning and then turned right to take the 17 mile scenic drive into Monterey. They charge you $10 per vehicle for the privilege, but it's so worth it. The first stop was the Pebble Beach Golf Course and Resort. Beautiful.

Very picturesque

The Lodge at Pebble Beach #19

18th hole

If your ball goes over this side of the sand trap you are doomed!
One of the houses that overlooks the golf course.

Here is a picture of the dining room looking over the water. 2 pieces of fish and chips $29 ... no thanks.

Ray snapped a few picture of the trophies they have on display.

At the gate house they gave us a map of the points of interest along the way. Of course we are going backwards back to #1 to have the sun in the right position.

Point of Interest #18 is Pescadaro Point.

The houses along this drive are fabulous and I am sure more than the $8.5 million of the other one.

Next up for us that was picture worthy was #16, The Lone Cypress. You see that they had put a guide wire on it to help support it from the wind.

Path/stairs down to the lookout.

At site #14, Cypress Lookout I was able see a hole bunch of sea otters playing in the kelp bed. So cool! I had seen a couple of seals here and there as well as one or two other otters but this was amazing to see so many in one spot.

The next stop was one of the nicest, #13 The Fanshell Overlook. The water colours are amazing against the white sandy beaches.

Seal Rock Picnic Area #11. This also has flush toilets and two tour buses stopped here for lunch as well. No seals today but lots of birds nesting on Seal Rock.

#4 The Inn & Links at Spanish Bay.

Notice the tee off box in the upper left corner above

Once off the 17 mile drive it was time to head towards Monterey for lunch.

Getting closer to town we spotted Lover's Point, it sure has some funky trees.

Yeah we are finally at Cannery Row so we can have lunch.

The Cannery Row Monument pays homage to nine important characters that played pivotal roles in Cannery Row's history.

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Something to quench our thirst while our lunch is being cooked.

Traffic was not too bad going back home. Ray needed to lay down so I took Freya to the beach. There were quite a few people there so she only got to play in the slough water chasing her ball. Yuck! Oh well they have a dog washing station back at camp so I used it!

Freya's not too impressed!


  1. Pebble Beach looks incredible. It would be fun just to walk the course looking at the views and houses along the course.

  2. What a beautiful area! Thanks for sharing...great pictures!