Indian Canyon, Palm Springs, CA

Friday, 14 June 2019

Getting ready to leave for Motorhome trip. June 9 - 11

Sunday morning we woke to sunny skies. Although this past week was cloudy and windy we did not get very much in the way of accumulation of rain ... pretty scary for the lake and river. This was posted on Facebook this morning by a "Dean Unger".

Cowichan River has dropped a startling amount over last five days. This channel is one of two, where the river splits and was not crossable a week ago. Many vultures. Hawks, eagles and king fishers suddenly showed up today as well to feed on dead and dying fish drying up in pools by the thousands. Heading down tomorrow to join large effort already underway to try and move some fry to moving water.

This definitely gives the government powers that be some pause ... hopefully they increase the height of the weir to hold the winter/spring rain while ensuring properties are not flooded during high water events. The Cowichan River is a designated Heritage River. 

Ray spent several hours trying to get the wiring working between the car and motorhome. Even our neighbour's step-dad Brad came over who apparently is good at this, could not find the problem ... Ray quit and was thoroughly frustrated. Thankfully we have an appointment to take it in tomorrow to Revy RV

Monday morning I woke up to rain showers ... certainly not hard enough to fill the lake but helpful for the forests at least. This morning we left at 8:00 to take the motorhome and car into Revy RV. What a pain. Hopefully this does not take too long as we are kind of stranded with both the car and motorhome needed at the same time.

Well after the cord was replaced, the receptacle in the car replaced the lights still did not work. Three hours later it was finally determined after they called Tiffin at Red Bay Alabama, it turned out to be a 20Amp fuse (not labeled) in the rear compartment.  The sealed fuse was burned out with a lot of dust and debris in a locked cabinet!!!! What a pain, but we now have lights. Ray and I had them show us which fuse for future info.

Ray headed back home with the coach at noon and I headed to Superstore to do some shopping for our trip. Back home about 1:30 to enjoy what was left of the day in the sunshine.

Tuesday turned out to be glorious, clear and sunny with no wind. The water was like glass. Today I went to Nanaimo for another nitrogen session on my foot. Ughh. Turned out my foot was okay after 3 months of this treatment but my nose has some pre-cancerous cells that were burnt instead today. While I was away Ray puttered in his shop. I was back by noon and then started moving more stuff into the fridge in the motorhome. 

It sure was warm this afternoon... even had the A/C going in the motorhome so the fridge did not have to work so hard. After that it was dock time as the temps were at 26C ... hot, hot, hot. There was a very nice breeze on the dock to keep us cool.

Our neighbour Darryl, took his grandson for a kayak ride to check their crayfish traps.

His kayak can be paddled, foot pedalled or sailed ... very cool.

Darryl and Sevie were setting crayfish traps, one at our dock. They apparently were successful and had a feed with some friends at their house.

There was even a canoe with a motor that went by ... kind of the vintage of the huge freighter canoes that the settlers used without the motors. lol

Motorhome is all packed ready for tomorrow's adventure.


  1. Wow! The river is empty, that is scary for the Island. So frustrating it took so many people so long to find a burnt fuse. Would have been nice to have that identified in the manual. At least it works now.

  2. What a pain with the motorhome-car frustrating! But glad it's all fixed up now!