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Petrified Sand Dunes, Snow Canyon State Park, Utah

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Exterior Painting continues ....

As I mentioned in the last post, Mona and Andrew arrived at 7 am Monday morning to sand all of the fir posts that will be restained to get rid of all the black mould. It will be nice to see the gazebo posts looking like they should. Another warm day. After they finished sanding and painting the garage it was time for a swim and a beer on the dock. lol

Mona giving the car garage a coat of primer to brighten it up.


Tuesday morning woke up to fog. Still pretty warm out though. Other than having to clean the upstairs bathrooms our company did most of the cleanup. Nice. Mona and Andrew did not come today as they needed to pick up the correct stain for the posts. 

The exterior paint crew (3 of them) arrived at 8:30 and started on the front of the house. It sure is looking great with more cream paint done instead of all red. It was so hot for them though that they had to quit around noon and move to the back of the house off the sundeck.

At noon we moved down to the dock to stay out of the way and stay cool. 30C here today and felt like 33C. There was a nice breeze down at the dock though. Great swimming weather.

Wednesday morning Ray was up at 5 am and I was up at 5:30 am.  Due to the heat, Mona and Andrew wanted to start at 6 am with the staining of the fir. I managed to get in a hot tub before they arrived. lol It was foggy this morning which helps with delaying the hot sun so they can get the front of the house done before it gets too warm. They managed to get the first coat on everything by 12 noon and will be back on Friday to finish as the stain needs at least 24 - 48hrs to cure before the next coat. The doors look awesome with another coat of stain.

First coat of stain on the sanded posts.
Patio door new coat of stain and the window trim has been done.

Gazebo posts

Only the boss, Rod showed up today to continue painting the exterior of the house. He worked on the shady side for the day and left at around 2:30 pm. I headed out at 8am to Duncan to get some groceries and made it back by 10:30 before it got to busy and hot out. Ray took me to lunch at Jake's on the Lake and then we spent the afternoon on the dock swimming. All of our doors needed to stay open until dinner time to dry so we stayed home for the rest of the day.

Ray's back was quite sore so I finally convinced him to try the floaty! lol
Thursday, marine cloud again but will be sunny later. Jason brought his dogs later in the afternoon for us to look after for the weekend as they are going to Canem Lake in the interior for a friends wedding. The exterior paint crew did not show up today as Rod had "a family emergency". Should be here tomorrow he said. I spent the morning with laundry, ironing and mending some clothes. The afternoon was spent partially on the dock and the yard as it was quite windy and only about 23C out.

Friday morning low cloud again. Ray and I were up at 5:15 am and while Ray walked the dogs I headed out into the hot tub. Andrew and Mona showed up at 6 am to put the last coat of stain on the fir posts for this year. We knew when they arrived with all the barking of 3 dogs. lol By 9am the posts are all done for this year and they look awesome. In fact they look so good Andrew plans to do the rest of the gazebo next year when he puts another coat on the posts. lol

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Rod showed up at 9:30 am to continue with exterior painting. At the end of the day he finished up the left side of the house other than the fascia boards. At least it is cloudy and cool today for the painting.

Saturday cloudy and a little cool but no wind. I was able to sit outside on the deck with the firetable going.

Ray and I packed up our overnight stuff and the dogs and headed to Nanaimo for the night. We are going to see the Crash Test Dummies at the Port Theatre. A long time since we went to a concert. lol

On the road by 10:30 am and after walking and dropping the dogs off it was time for lunch. We decided to go to the Hong Kong House for Chinese food as we have not found a good place to go in Duncan. Delicious as usual. Next up was a little shopping at the mall and Ray to get a haircut.

Back at Kristi's for a couple of hours with the dogs and then off we went for our "Date Night" to the Coast Bastion for dinner. What a great choice. The food was spectacular and reasonably priced.


Sockeye Salmon with Berry Butter

Scallops wrapped Bacon with Prawns and a tomato lime butter sauce.
We still had time to spare before the show so we walked along the harbour and Ray got some dessert. lol

My boy sure loves his ice cream.
This kid was pretty cute driving his Audi electric car. 
 Ray took a few pictures of the harbour. It was surprising to find it kind of empty at this time of year. Maybe the weather.

Before we purchased our house we were tossing up the idea of buying a condo on the waterfront ... the lower one with the huge balconies. Glad we have this house. We were told that the noise from the float planes and smell of aviation fuel was not very pleasant down there.

Across the street is the Port Theatre, so over we went for the performance. The show was okay ... loved hearing the old songs but the main singer was kind of out of tune several times. The guitar playing was awesome though. The performance was shorter than I thought being only 90 minutes. A great date night.

We stayed overnight at Kristi's and headed home first thing Sunday morning with all three dogs. It was pouring rain in Nanaimo but by the time we turned up Highway 18 the roads were dry. Does not look like we had very much rain overnight. A quiet day at home.

That was our week. Hopefully the exterior painters will finish this next week.


  1. The exterior paint is looking great...will be nice to have that all done! Nice date night! Too bad the lead singer was a little off key though. Good decision on the house vs the condo!!

  2. Looking great! Fresh paint sure makes the world of difference. Sorry I haven't been around much, just crazy around here.... almost over... I'm hoping after next weekend it will get a bit closer to normal.

    1. I hope so too for your sake. We are very busy ourselves for the next two weeks with tons of company. No one came in July because the weather was crappy. lol