Stocking Creek Falls, Ladysmith, BC

Saturday, 20 February 2021

February continues on and SNOW February 8 - 15

 Monday, little Amelia had to go to Victoria for another cast change. All bundled up to stay warm on the drive.

Mornings at the Perry household.

Story time.

Amelia finally weighs enough that Kristi can try out the baby carrier.

Monday, Ray went for a walk with Kristi and the dogs to Roberts Memorial Park. Great views.

Tuesday morning, Ray was admitted to hospital for a minor procedure and stayed overnight. I picked him up at 10 am Wednesday and we managed to get home before there was too much snow. Apparently our Highway 18 to the lake had multiple accidents on it later in the evening with black ice. He forwarded a picture of his breakfast. I don't think he was too impressed!

He said the toast was so cold it turned back into bread! and gruel! Yuck. Grape Jelly double Yuck. Now he will have to take it easy for the next 6 weeks, so not too much walking or standing. I may have to tie him to the bed. lol 

The next few days pretty quiet here at the lake. Ray spent most of his time between his chair and the bed with some time down in his workshop. I spent my time cooking up things to trigger his appetite that was kind of non-existent due to his pain. By Saturday morning he was feeling more like himself. The predicted snow came overnight. Still bloody cold out at -3.5 C (25F) at the lake with a biting northeast wind. Definitely colder than we are used to. Due to the cold temps the snow is little crystals so not accumulating to the extent of usual. Still woke up to 4 inches it looks like.

InstantPot French Onion Soup

At 8:45am I was out the door firing up the snow blower. The snow was about 8" deep and if I did not get at it our little machine would not be able to conquer it. So here I go!

I also did a bunch at Roy and Junes as the both Roy and Sean were working and I wanted to make sure June and Tara with the grandbabies could get out if necessary. Shortly after I was done, Mike got out his quad with a blade and finished up the cul-de-sac. I should have waited and then he would have done our driveway. lol  Both Darryl and Mike used our snow blower to deal with all of their sidewalks. Love it, neighbours helping neighbours. 

Darryl using our snow blower.

Now Pat's grandchildren are making a snow cave with all of the piled snow. 

It did not snow again until 6am Sunday morning for round two of the storms coming in. Another day staying put. Yes we got some more snow today but it quit for the afternoon. I was lucky at noon though as Mike used his quad to clear our driveway. What took me over an hour yesterday, took him less than 10 minutes. :) Thank you!

Snow on our sundeck

Happy Valentines Day!

We normally don't celebrate very much for Valentines other than I make a nice dinner or some years we go out. This year of course, we will be in, so Chef Debbie is up with steak with prawns and scallops in a Newburg sauce with rice and grilled asparagus. lol Ray bought me pearls this year to go with my pearl earrings. I call them my "First Lady (Jill Biden) Pearls". :) Awww thanks so much sweetie.


Monday morning, quite a bit warmer outside at 0 C. It is supposed to snow in the morning and change to rain this afternoon. Nothing falling from the sky at the moment. :) 6:30 am lol The rest of the day it just stayed pretty cloudy and the snow started melting. Had a few brief rain showers later in the afternoon but that was it.

That was our week.


  1. Nice that Kristi is able to get out on her own now and have a break. Poor Ray having to go from Chef Debbie to Hospital food - that would turn anyone off of food for awhile :D We only had about 3 inches of snow out of the 2 storms so I'm surprised to see you received so much of it.

    1. Ray is very happy, he says to be back at Debbie's Kitchen. lol

  2. I bet Ray was not impressed with that food after eating yours all these years. Glad he is okay!

    1. He is okay... has about 4 more weeks of recovery and should be as good as new. :)

  3. That looks like a nice park Ray and Kristi went to. Lovely views. Glad Ray is doing well...I bet he was glad to get home to your cooking! Hope that's it for snow!