Sunset on Lake Cowichan, BC

Sunset on Lake Cowichan, BC

Friday, 22 October 2021

Dianne comes to visit! October 17 - 20

Sunday the sky cleared somewhat by noon and that was is it for the rain in this storm. The lake has really come up, looks to be 18" in just one day! 

That sand under the water was all exposed 2 days ago, a foot in front of the first step.

While staring at the water levels I noticed a crayfish crawling around the bottom of the stairs. It was quite big. They sure crawl quickly under water. Better not tell Darryl, or he will put his trap out under our dock. lol

The fall colours this year are stunning. Last year they just fell off before we saw very much colour. I guess the hot summer may have something to do with it. This picture is from the campsite next door.

Received some pictures of Stella, our other granddaughter. Busy little girl at 17 months old. She loves going to the park.

She also loves puddles. lol Good thing with all the rain we have had.

Monday, Dianne came to stay for 2 days. Yippee. My Sister from another Mister. Last visit until next spring because they are heading south now the border is open after November 8th. Steve is also here on the island on a hunting trip with his son Rob, and another longtime hunting friend. Hopefully they get their deer early this week before all the rain starts again.

My front garden almost ready for the winter. The hummingbird plant is the last one to get pruned. I kept it to the end as it's still blooming for the birds and the bees.

Dianne arrived by 2 pm and after unpacking we all sat outside on the lawn with a fire. A beautiful fall day. The colours are stunning this year.

After a couple of hours outside it was time to come in as the air cooled significantly by 4 pm. While we were having fun outside,  my Traeger's going with beef ribs. They turned out great.

After dinner, Ray and Dianne did kitchen detail. Thanks guys. 

Tuesday, the sun did not come out as forecast... Dianne and I sat out on the deck with the heaters on for a few hours.

For lunch I made chicken wings in my new "air fryer". Delicious. I am happy with the results and they cook up in half the time and are very crispy.

After lunch we took a short walk over to the park to stretch our legs. Love the sounds of fall as you crunch over the fallen leaves. 

Back home it was more time on the deck before coming in for dinner. Pork Belly Burnt ends on my Traeger with baked beans. :)

Before dinner, Ray drove Darryl's motorhome down to P&R Trucking for service. Pat and Daryl are not taking their airbrake course until this weekend with their written test sometime later next week. They're running out of time before leaving for 6 weeks to Puerto Vallarta for their winter holiday.

A lovely visit with Dianne. She headed out around 9:30 to meet up with her brother and sister-in-law for lunch in Nanaimo. Ray left at 8 am to take the boat up to Nanaimo for servicing and some Amelia time so, I had the morning to myself. The next storm system is almost here. Forecasted winds on the west coast of the island said to be "hurricane force". Yikes. Hopefully Steve and company don't get blown away off the mountain deer hunting.

Saw this blue heron watching for fish on the boom next door in spite of the dark skies. Pretty cool.


  1. Dianne sure looks comfy on your couch with her glass of wine!

  2. Another great visit! Thanks for your hospitality!