Sheep Creek Bay, Flaming Gorge Utah

Sheep Creek Bay, Flaming Gorge Utah

Monday, 15 August 2022

August is here! Aug 1 - Aug 12

Monday thru Thursday nothing much happening here at the lake. The temps certainly came down to 20C/68F. Not exactly swimming weather. A little bit of needed rain on Wednesday into Thursday morning. BC imposed a campfire ban for the Coastal District as of noon on Thursday which includes Vancouver Island. Being the temps in Port McNeill are much lower and damp I am sure Dianne and Steve will miss their campfire with their kids for their last few days up there. The temperatures are supposed to go back up to high 20's into 30's this weekend so our usual dock time will commence again. :)

Thursday night the neighbours left on the boat down the lake and shortly after their yard was occupied. lol

A gaggle of geese and then some deer popped out under their ramp. Turned out to be a momma, with twins and probably her last year's baby.

I watched them for some time and then the deer came to our yard. I was curious if my "deer resistant" plants are actually resistant. The momma did not even try, the babies sniffed and kept on walking right through my yard into Roy and Junes. Yes, they leave my stuff alone!

Friday the sun finally broke out late morning. Ray took me for lunch at Jake's. A little too cool with the wind down on the dock in the afternoon, so sat out on our deck. We planned to go for an e-bike ride, but I developed a stye in my eye Wednesday! Probably only the third one in my life. My eyes had been quite itchy for the past couple of weeks spending so much time outside. I guess I rubbed my eyes a little too much. Hopefully gone soon.

Saturday was gorgeous and we spent time down on the dock. I also fired up the Traeger with a bacon wrapped pork loin roast that I had injected and marinated the day before. I also whipped up a batch of macaroni and cheese in the morning to go with. Seeing Brad and Lolly, our next door neighbour Debra's parents, on the dock. I invited them over for dinner too. The meat turned out spectacular, if I do say so myself. Very moist.

Before cooking.

After 5 hours of smoking.

Lolly, Brad and me.

We enjoyed lots of laughs and moved out onto the deck for a couple of hours before everyone called it quits at 9 pm.

Sunday another beautiful day, so we decided to go for a picnic down the lake. Ray made the picnic lunch, while I finished tidying up the kitchen. 

Found a great little spot just past Youbou to have our picnic and swim. If you look through the boat windshield you can just see my head in the water to the left. lol

Beautiful lake day picnic.

Monday, chores and then sitting down at the dock. Ray is finishing off my Bistro Table table today. This project took him forever, and I'm sure he is more than ready to be done with it.

My deck flowers sure took off with the warm weather. Nice and cozy space to sit after dinner.

The bistro table for the sundeck is done!. The epoxy part took quite a bit of time, but I think it looks fabulous.

Ray managed to catch a fabulous sunset Tuesday night as the clouds moved in. My new cover page for our blog.

Thursday, after the cloudy windy day yesterday, is back to warmth and sunshine. An e-bike ride followed by lunch out, is on our itinerary today.... Nope. 

Ray loaded the bikes onto the bike rack on the car by 9:30. We sat in the car ready to go and tried to start the car. Dead battery! Well, glad this happened in our driveway instead on our US winter trip in the middle of nowhere.

Ray called our local OK Tire shop and they can replace the battery for us. We didn't want to attempt it as the exterior front window flange needs removing to even access the battery. Ray charged the battery enough to get it started and drove over to the shop, then rode his e-bike back home. So now we are carless for a day.

No pub lunch for us so I made our own. :) We took it down to the dock with a beer.

Chicken Strips

We finally got the car back Friday at noon, so headed into Duncan for lunch and then grocery shopping. Took some pictures of my beautiful lily's which just opened up. Last year the deer ate them, so I did not get any flowers. This year they have grown over 5 feet tall.

Had to bring some inside to enjoy.

A pretty quiet 2 weeks.

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  1. Great job on the table Ray! It looks great! Your garden has definitely flourished once the weather smartened up!