Sheep Creek Bay, Flaming Gorge Utah

Sheep Creek Bay, Flaming Gorge Utah

Sunday, 31 July 2022

The heatwave continues and Kristi and Amelia come for the weekend. July 27 - July 31st.

Wednesday morning the last of our company, Steve and Dianne, packed up and headed out to their next destination up island to visit some other friends. Hopefully a little cooler for them in the Bowser area. We spent the day relaxing after all our company. The house seems much more quiet. lol Another blistering hot day spent mostly down on our dock and in the water.

Thursday and Friday a repeat of Wednesday. The weather has been over 33C feeling like 40C since Monday and not cooling off at night either. So thankful for our A/C in the house and the lake to jump into to make life bearable. With it being so hot we did not do very much. Friday night we went over to Deb and Mike's dock for a quick visit watching the sun set. The sun coming peaking through the trees on the top of Bald Mountain. Gorgeous.

Saturday morning, Kristi arrived with Amelia for a couple of days. Great fun. To keep her cool, Kristi put her in the lake a bit but her most favourite thing was the galvanized ice bucket that she fit in perfectly. We set up a shade tent in the back yard and that's where we all sat intermittently jumping in the lake to cool off.

Our lake baby.

Tired her out playing in the water and then it was a 3 hour nap lol. After she woke up and ate some lunch, it was back into the water this time in the tub. :)

Once baby was in bed for the night, we went down to the dock thinking it would be cool but ended back up in the yard in the shade ... too hot.

Amelia slept well so mommy did too.  Up at 6:30 am and after her bottle, reading books cuddling with mommy.

Sunday morning after Amelia ate her first breakfast we took her out for her first boat ride before it got too warm. She was taking it all in ... not too sure for the first bit but seemed to enjoy it. Safe in mommy's arms with her lobster.

Once back home it was time for blueberry pancakes. Playtime going up the stairs with mommy and investigating lol

More time in the yard after her short nap and back into the tub.  She loved it and must have stayed in the bucket for an hour or more.

We bribed Amelia with some ice cream so Kristi could pack up her stuff and get ready to go home by 4:30 pm. Since she only napped 90 minutes instead of 3 hours, Kristi hopes she sleeps another hour on the way home. It worked.

Kristi, Amelia and Zeus were on the road by 4:15pm with a cooled SUV. We started it 15 minutes earlier to cool it down as it was blistering hot in her car.

We went back down to the dock until 5:30 swimming and enjoying the day. These guys came cruising by. Very industrious. lol All sorts of boats and crafts this weekend with it being SunFest here at Laketown Ranch. Estimated people attending the 4 day music festival is 40,000 people! I only went into the grocery store before 9 am to miss all the people. Ray came through in the afternoon after going to Duncan and couldn't believe the tubes in the river, nor the traffic in town.

For a cool $15,000 you can get an electric surfboard. If they are good I saw this guy actually come right out of the water surfing on the fin for quite a long way before he fell off. lol

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