Sunset Lake Cowichan

Aug 9 sunset Lake Cowichan

Friday, 1 July 2022

Concert Week, 54/40 and the Stampeders and the dreaded COVID June 22 - 30th

Wednesday we attended the 54/40 Rock Band Concert in Duncan. What a blast from the past. We did wear our masks though, being in such a tight space with so many people. We were entertained for a good 2 hours. They played most of their hits and a few we've not heard. Ray's ears were ringing the next morning. lol Our seats were row I 19 and 20.

54/40 sure put on a stage show with all their lighting etc.

Thursday, spent the day doing outside garden chores before my hair appointment. We managed to sit down on the dock for a short while before the winds came up so moved up to the yard. The air is still on the cool side. A great "spring day".

Friday, beautiful and sunny. Out the door at 9 to go pick up our motorhome. I drove the car with our utility trailer attached as we picked up a load of bark mulch for the strata garden on the way back home.

It was such a nice morning that we took the boat out for a spin. Off we go.

The hillside covered with broom on Bald Mountain.

Kayakers in Gordon Bay cruising by all the little islets.

Entrance to Bear Lake

Ray fished in this channel quite a few times and caught some trout.

The boat launch to this lake.

Back home for lunch and sit down on the dock.

 Concert night again, this time The Stampeders. Great concert. They introduced themselves by saying "the last time your probably saw us was in the 70's and now we are in the 70's lol

Amazing guitar playing. Vocals pretty good as well. The drummer was the best though. These guys were not as loud on the ears as 54/40. We were even closer in seats D 19 and 20. Now we know the best seats for us would be in G or H rows so we don't have to tip our heads up to see them on stage.

When we got back from the concert, we sat outside on our deck and Mike and Deb noticed we were sitting outside so invited us over for a night cap. 2 hours later home at 1am!! 

Saturday morning Mike and Deb emptied out the bark mulch on the strata garden. Thanks a bunch guys. Sure looks better. 

Tonight we were invited back to Mike and Deb's for a belated birthday dinner for Mike's Dad. He was cooking an enormous pork loin roast in the Traeger. It turned out fabulous. I made a double batch of baked beans to contribute and Ray bought two pies from Country Grocer. They must have had 20 young adults there too hence the double batch of baked beans. At the end of dinner they were all gone other than 1/2 cup, and everyone said they were the best they have had. :)  

Mike's Dad Ray, Ray in behind, Mike's brother Paul and Debra.

Gaggle of kids.

Mikes best thing in life is to feed everyone. They entertain like this almost every weekend all summer, Great people. It's nice that their kids and their friends always come up to the lake. Especially to surf behind Mike's new boat.

This time we came home at 11pm. Definitely a bunch of late nights this week that we are not used to. lol Sunday was a slow day mostly spent down at the dock as it was so warm out. I even got into the water briefly. I did some house chores and Ray did a bunch of woodworking things in the morning before it got too hot.  Up at the house at 4 pm so I could start dinner. Stayed inside from then on other than watering Pat's plants. Too hot on our deck as the sun was on it.

Monday was a little cloudy to start the day. The guy supposed to come today to detail the MH has cancelled, suffering from heat stroke. It's going to get up to 32C today so best he does not come. Tomorrow Keith will come and do the car but the MH is too big to fit under his tent and it's supposed to shower so will have to be rescheduled for a second time due to rain.

I've had a slight sore throat and itchy eyes since last Wedneday night, my usual allergy symptoms. Waking up this morning, my chest felt tight and now I have a cough. Oh oh. Up to this point I thought it was just allergies with the cotton balls flying everywhere covering the lake from the popular trees and high pollen ratings from the fir and hemlock trees too. I took a rapid covid test and it was positive! Had Ray take one and his was negative. He had just started with a sore throat today. Well this sucks ... now the kids cannot come for the long weekend and we are stuck at home for 10 days! Have no idea where I picked this up 4 or 5 days back from last Wednesday. We wear masks when out shopping. At this point I'm not feeling too bad, just the sore throat and slight cough. I feel a bit tired though, not much energy. Ray however started getting worse by the minute. Had to let all the neighbours know so that they could monitor after we tested positive. Being that we were only outside everyone seems okay.

Tuesday, cloudy and windy start as predicted. Sure is a difference in temperature. From 31C yesterday to 17C today. Other than a few body aches last night and a bit shivery I feel not too bad this morning nothing that a couple of Tylenol couldn't handle. Ray on the other hand, had a horrible night coughing and big body aches. Amazing how one person only gets very minor symptoms and the other much worse. I decided I better get some comfort food made since I did not feel too sick today and in case it got worse, Shepherds Pie and and Apple pie. Otherwise a very quiet day with naps involved.

Wednesday, I still have minor symptoms and seem to be improving, but Ray is feeling tough... kind of like a "man cold". lol  Feeding him cough syrup and cold medication. He's getting far more symptoms than I have. He did test positive this morning as we knew.

Thursday, Ray feeling worse than yesterday with a sore chest from coughing so much and a sore throat. 

He is napping a lot in his chair or bed. Fortunately I feel ok other than a slight sore throat and the odd cough. I didn't even need a nap yesterday. :)

So pretty quiet around here at Kyle's Kottage. We will be isolating for another week. Fortunately we have the dock to sit at or our deck. At least I will be able to go shopping for food as of this weekend masked up as my contagious period will be over.

Our sunset on the last day of June.


  1. Bummer, hope you are both feeling better soon!

    1. Thanks. I am feeling quite a bit better and Ray has finally turned "the corner" and is improving. Another week and it should be just a bad memory lol.

  2. So sorry you guys have caught the virus. Hope you get well soon and can return to your summer fun.

    1. Thanks. We are feeling quite a bit better now, almost over it. :)