Sunset Lake Cowichan

Aug 9 sunset Lake Cowichan

Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Strata Cleanup June 16 - 21

Thursday started out early with clearing out our driveway. The motorhome went in for service and once home, we launched our boat then moved the empty trailer back into the garage for the summer. My Clematis is liking this damp warm weather this year.

Latest ever putting it into the water on June 16th! Of course it rained on and off all afternoon before we could get it's cover on. The driveway sure looks huge without our beast in the driveway.

Friday it was nice and sunny. After our morning chores, we were finally able to sit outside on the lawn out of the breeze for several hours. Then it clouded up and torrential rain started about 4:30 pm. It finally felt somewhat like summer before the rain. There was actually a lot of boat traffic on the lake for the first time this year. Lots of houseboats going out for the weekend.

The lake is really cold so hopefully this dude doesn't fall in!

Lots of things to play with!

Even our neighbour next door Mike, managed to get out on his new boat for a spin.

Saturday morning, cloudy. We were out the door at 8:30 am to help out with the strata cleanup. The strata were unsuccessful in getting a gardener to cleanup the winters leaves and weeds so we are all pitching in. Took 10 of us 5 hours to finish the cleanup. There's tons of debris from years of not being cleaned up by past gardeners. The strata saved probably $3000 doing it ourselves, but what a job! We ended up with 3 pickup loads and one big load in our traile,r which came in very handy.  We just pushed it along the road for easy access to dump our buckets of weeds.

Everyone went their separate ways except for Roy, who continued pressure washing the moss out of the cracks. 

After a shower and a hot tub and a couple of margarita's Ray made me, it was time for a nap. :) Everyone headed over to Mike and Debra's next door, for a brisket dinner. We donated a huge brisket in my freezer and Mike spent the day cooking it. The meat took a couple hours longer than expected ... but we all sat down and enjoyed a great dinner by 8:30 pm. With everyone well lubricated with wine and beer, no one minded the wait. 

Todd, June and Roy

Pat, Ray and Darryl

Lolly, Debra Izzy and Todd

Brisket is finally done! Notice Debra's son and friend came for dinner. They were camping next door at the park!

A bunch went home at 9:30 as they all had Father's Day plans tomorrow. Other than Debra's parents, Lolly and Brad, Ray, Pat and I were the last ones to stay until 11 and then we all called it a night. We are all walking very slowly as we are all pretty sore.

Lolly, Mike and Debra

Brad, Ray and Pat

A great evening.

Monday started out cloudy, but then the sun came out and it's a nice day. I picked up some dahlia's on sale at our local grocery store and planted them for colour in the front garden. I noticed the deer this year are not eating my lilies, so felt it's safe to plant dahlias. I also set up our micro watering system in the front of house and set up the timers for the main system. It's going to be finally summer later this week.

Next up was sausage making, grinding up the pork shoulder roasts, seasoning and then making into patties to freeze. 

While doing this, Ray went to Duncan to pick up some parts to adapt the intake and output hoses for out fire pump. Back home, we had a little deck time before dinner.

Tuesday, baby day! We were out the door by 8am to visit Jason and Amelia. Contractors are changing out their furnace today, we took Amelia out for breakfast at Smitty's. She is such a happy little baby, waving and smiling at all the people looking her way in spite of majorly teething.

Grandpa pushing Amelia to see the fish in the aquarium.


Back home Amelia showed us how well she can ride her bike.

After several hours we headed back home for 3 pm. Not as nice here at the lake as it was in Nanaimo. 

The weather is supposed to finally improve Thursday onwards. Summer will finally be here, with a few days of really hot weather. Looking forward to some dock time.


  1. That looked like a good bit of work but it sure looks a lot better!

  2. Great that your little community rallied together to do the clean up. Always nice to have a "reward" at the end of a hard day too!

  3. Community volunteerism--it's a wonderful thing. The views by your home are amazing! And that surely is one happy baby! Rambling RV Rat