Lake Cowichan, Spring Snow

Lake Cowichan, Spring Snow

Monday, 27 March 2023

Amelia comes to stay - March 22 - 26

Pretty quiet here at the lake with the weather changing to rain for the past 2 days. Hard to believe it's the end of March and we're still getting snow!

There were actually, at one point on Friday night, 2 inches of snow before it started to melt again.

Kristi, Jason, Amelia and Zeus arrived about 4:45 on Friday night as it snowed. Glad they got here before it really came down.  I of course, was up to my elbows cooking a big prime rib dinner with yorkies. lol  Amelia playing with the old toys I put out.

Took a bit in the rain/snow to unload all of the baby stuff, toys etc. Kristi's friend Theo didn't arrive until after 7pm from Victoria in the worst of the snow storm.  We all ate early on "Amelia Time" at 5:30. Dinner turned out great. Love using my big barbecue. We kept the food ready for Theo as well. I was too busy to even take pictures lol

Snack time before bed.

We shared a great evening before everyone went to bed at 9:30.

Saturday morning Kristi, Jason and Theo headed out for their combined 40th birthday celebrations about 9:30 after breakfast. Theo made scones .... yummm.  Kristi turned 40 last December, Jason turns 40 next month and Theo also turned 40 sometime last year. Jason booked us for this weekend a month ago. They were off for an overnight in Chemainus for dinner and the play. 

We really looked forward to look after Amelia and Zeus. What a great day playing and walking outside between rain storms. 

Jason brought her kitchen down for her to play with.

Still having fun with the old toys we have.

Amelia started to feel "tough", so we turned on her Trash Turck to calm her down before nap time. 

Amelia seemed to be feeling under the weather and was coughing quite a bit and her nose started running. Her cousin Stella and Auntie Kat were visiting from Squamish earlier this week. Stella was sick, so I'm guessing Amelia is next and 3 days from now, we'll probably have her cold after being coughed and sneezed on. 

She slept pretty good overnight, but of course every time she had a coughing fit, I woke up hearing her on the baby monitor every 30 minutes to an hour. Went downstairs at 9:30 and 1:30 am to cover her back up and make sure she didn't throw up in bed with her coughing. Nana's very tired. Thankfully she woke up happy although still coughing. Morning snuggles are the best!

Getting Amelia used to our boat so she is good to go this summer.

She now chatters a mile a minute and for the most part, we understand what she is saying. Huge difference from Christmas.

Trash Truck Time on the TV

Helping with the laundry.

Here is a picture Jason sent me of them at the theatre.

Kristi, Jason and Theo

Sunday morning the rain stopped and the sun came out. Absolutely gorgeous on the lake.

She sure likes her bike in our house with all the open floor space. Those old Christmas beads are one of her favourite things to play with. :)

So much fun. Kristi and Jason arrived at 10:30 to pick her up, loaded up the truck and hooked on the utility trailer and were gone in a flash by 10:45! They wanted to get Amelia home for her nap at 12:30, so she doesn't get cranky as the truck ride is only 50 minutes and she naps for 90 minutes.

A great visit. We went out for lunch at Jake's at the Lake and then collapsed for the rest of the day. 


  1. So much fun with Amelia! Crazy weather...when is it going to warm up?!!

  2. Time to catch up with the kids and grandkids as you look forward to spring and eventually summer!