Lake Cowichan, Spring Snow

Lake Cowichan, Spring Snow

Thursday, 16 March 2023

Winter vacation over ... coming home to Lake Cowichan, March 13 - 15

Monday morning before leaving Fort Stevens, Ray went on the roof to clear off the cones and branches from yesterday's wind. He even found a branch an inch thick and 3 feet long. Yikes!

Jacks up and on the road by 9:15 am to Tacoma, where we would spend the night at Judy's and Milt's (Ray's sister) driveway. What a wet drive. Poured most of the way. 

New Young's Bay Bridge just going into Astoria. Yucky weather!

We decided to take Highway 30 from Astoria to the I-5. The first 10 miles were very slow and windy. I can only imagine it in the summer with all the traffic.

Lewis and Clark Bridge going into Longview, WA

Fortunately we were going north on the I-5. This traffic was backed up for 10 miles due to a tanker truck in the ditch upside down. Firetruck and police on scene and only letting 1 vehicle 5 seconds apart at a time in the outside lane to proceed slowly.

We arrived at about 12:27 pm .... 3 minutes before we estimated according to Judy!

Once we parked we had a quick yack with Judy while waiting for Milt to get home. One happy sister to see us after 3 years due to Covid.

Once Milt got home, we piled into his car and headed for the Fish Peddler on the waterfront. Great Halibut and Chips.

After lunch, back to their house with their beautiful view of Mount Olympus. The sunshine finally broke through.

Judy made a wonderful dinner of broccoli soup and salad after the big lunch we ate earlier. Delicious. Also a bread carmel pudding for dessert. Ray, my dessert guy, is very thankful. lol Apparently Milt is a dessert addict too, so is happy for us to attend. :)

After a wonderful evening, we headed to the coach at 9 pm and started the generator to get some heat on and charge the batteries for overnight. Tomorrow off to Port Angeles before getting on the ferry to Victoria on Wednesday morning. Looking forward to getting home.

Tuesday night it was a cold one. I should've hooked up our big buddy heater ... got up at 2  am and inside is only 47F Burrr. I started up the generator and ran the electric heaters and gas furnace for 15 minutes, then turned everything off. While waiting, I snuggled back in bed. lol I always worry if it gets too cold. Ray stiffens up and his back is toast the next day (Ray here thanks so much honey). Woke up at 5:30 and again it's 47F so I did the same thing and went back for another hours sleep. Fortunately in Judy's front yard we are right beside the main road which is noisy so no one hears us. lol

We noticed light on in the house, so we went in for coffee. Another great visit. By 9:30 we were on our way for the second to last  bit of our journey home, the Walmart in Port Angeles. Mostly sunny with some clouds, so it's a pretty good drive other than getting stopped for 15 minutes as they were cutting down trees on the 101 just after Port Townsend.

Going over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Hood Canal Floating Bridge

Snow up on those mountain tops.

Once we got to the Walmart, we unhooked the car and headed into town for lunch at a Sushi Place, delicious.

After lunch, we fueled up the car and then Ray took the MH a short way down the highway and fueled the coach. The last of the less expensive fuel until next year lol. All set up with the heater ready to go for tonight. Can't wait to get home tomorrow.

Up early at 5 am, anxious to get home. We left at 6:15 for the 10 minute drive to the ferry lineup. We were loaded on by 7:50. Uneventful journey, calm, flat waters and the sun's out. Bonus. Coming into Victoria.

The ferry crew made Ray back up inside the ferry to get off the boat. We were some of the last people to get off. Customs was no problem and we arrived home at 11:30 am. 

First up lunch at Jake's at the Lake and then the unpacking began!. So nice to be home.


  1. Thanks for sharing your winter vacation, enjoyed it from North Carolina.

    1. Thanks for traveling along.

  2. That sushi looks delicious! It has to be good to be home, relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. Well, that is after all the unpacking is done!

  3. Your winter travels have come to an end...time to start planning next winter's travel, LOL. You gave us a tour of some very cool places that are now on our list of places to see! Welcome home!

  4. It was so great seeing you. Glad you had a good journey home. Enjoy your larger abode and the view of the lake. I hope the neighbor’s tree removal went smoothly. ❤️❤️