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Petrified Sand Dunes, Snow Canyon State Park, Utah

Monday, 8 July 2019

Happy Anniversary ... 42 years

ALERT: Boring blog of just stuff so I can remind myself later. lol

July 2 2019 Happy Anniversary to us ... we have put up with each other for 42 years. lol We were so young.

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This morning the predicted showers began. We were out the door by 8:15 to take Freya to her vet appointment. She has an infected anal gland as I thought and requires antibiotics for the next three weeks, poor girl. This should fix her right up again. She is pretty tired after her ordeal.

While out, Ray and I stopped at the GMC dealer to look at GMC Canyon pickups to see if that would work for us after the fiasco at the Ford dealership with our Edge. Also with having a house now it would be nice to have a pickup to haul recyclables to the dump and pick up building supplies for Ray, so a truck might be a better option. Turns out that the seats are way too uncomfortable for Ray, especially the headrest position for his neck. Anything bigger, such as a Chev 1500 is too tall to easily get in and out of ... so I think we will just keep the Edge and I will have to deal with the service department and leave Ray at home .... Love my Edge anyways. Told Ray to either get a utility trailer or a beat up mini truck. lol

Once we were back home Ray took me to lunch at Jakes on the Lake for our anniversary. Brian, the bar manager, bought us a free round of drinks, beer for me and Sprite for Ray and when we left gave us two celebratory beer glasses. What a surprise.

Wednesday morning under cloudy skies Ray and I headed to Nanaimo for a Dr's appointment. Ray's results from his MRI showed his degenerative disc disease has only changed minimally for his thoracic and lumbar area. We had hoped they had done his neck as well but that was not ordered unfortunately.  Consequently when at the doctors, an x ray was prescribed to check his neck out first to compare with an old 2011 film before another MRI will be ordered. We were lucky that Madrona x ray was not busy and Ray got right in. Next up Costco and the mall. We stopped for Chinese Food for lunch and then it was back home to rescue Freya. lol (X-ray update ... not much changed since 2011, just a lot of osteoarthritis.)

The afternoon cleared right up so we sat down on the dock for a few hours enjoying the day.

Thursday morning, cloudy again ... rain in the forecast for tomorrow though. Today we are finally getting our snow lid put on the heat pump. This has only taken 5 months to come up with a solution and a fix.

After chores Ray and I went over to Pat and Darryl's to meet their friends and talk about the "motorhome life". They are planning on taking that route in a couple of years. After a couple of glasses of wine for me, we remembered that we had dinner reservations for the Prime Rib Buffet at the Farm Table Inn for our Anniversary Dinner. Fabulous dinner and a great date night with my guy.

The next few days, cloudy with the odd sprinkle. Not the best of weather but still warm at about 18C. The lake was pretty quiet this weekend compared to the previous long weekend. I just wish if it is going to be cloudy that it would just rain and fill the lake ... Not much happening here with the so so weather. lol

That was our week.


  1. Happy Anniversary you two!! 42 years is definitely something to celebrate, that's a long time together. Love the wedding photo, great memories for you I bet. Cheers.

    1. Thanks. We look so young in that picture ... hopefully we are wiser. lol

  2. Congratulations on the 42 years! 10 more years and we will be right there with you!

  3. Happy Anniversary you two! Looks like you had a great celebration dinner.