Indian Canyon, Palm Springs, CA

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Week 2 of Quarantine

Thursday, March 19th SPRING ARRIVES 8:50 PM TONIGHT

With the weather this past week it really has felt spring-like other that the mornings are really cool. Today the fog did not burn off the lake until 9:30 am. Looks like another spectacular day. Another day same old same old. Ray did manage to install our new metal art piece on our gazebo though. Looks spectacular. Later in the afternoon another campfire. We are so fortunate to be able to get outside and "blow the cobwebs" out.

Friday I spent the morning power washing the hot tub cover and then filled the hot tub so we can use it tomorrow. Another gorgeous day.

Saturday another foggy start by 9:30 it had all but dissipated. 4 more days and then I can do my own shopping. :) Had our first dip in the hot tub after six months. Felt wonderful.

Another day talking, enjoying the sunshine with neighbours on their docks and us on ours ... across many feet of driveways with raised voices, but all in all connected. Our new reality even when we are off quarantine in 4 days.

Sunday, cloudy and windy. No more sitting outside. Ray spent the morning in his shop starting on one of his projects ... I had a hot tub and then began doing an inventory of the deep freeze to see what I need to get once we are off quarantine in 3 days. I did do an online order with Superstore and Walmart for pickup and will get the rest at our little grocery store here.

I spent the morning making bread and hamburger buns.

Nice buns dear!

The predicted rain started around 7 pm and continued all night.

Monday morning it was a little drizzly first thing and then stopped. It will be an inside day I think. We do have the option of sitting under the infrared heaters on the sundeck though for some fresh air this afternoon.

Ended up staying inside most of the day. Ray spent some time in his workshop building my planter boxes. More news regarding this virus. OMG it is scary. Kristi has told us to definitely stay home even when we are off quarantine ... we are not to do our own shopping. Vancouver Island does not have many ICU beds anyways and fewer ventilators than anywhere else in the province. Her advice is if we get Covid 19 and get really sick needing a ventilator we will die. The ventilators they have, will go to younger people .. 30's and 40's  first. I will try and order groceries online and if I cannot, then we will have to get Jason to deliver and ask help from Kristi's friend here in the community for the foreseeable future. Could be several months. We hate asking people for help but it is necessary.

Getting spaces for online shopping is difficult, hopefully given more time the stores will get it together so this process is more smooth. Trying to get a "spot" with Save-on-Foods in Duncan not possible. Fortunately I have pick up arranged for later this week with Superstore and Walmart.

Tuesday, another drizzly morning. Hopefully this weather will help with the physical distancing required for everyone. Spent the day puttering in the kitchen, while I heard Ray using his saw downstairs. My new attachment for the pressure washer arrived so I guess I will be firing that up later this week on the driveway. My new phone also arrived today so that will keep me occupied transferring data etc and get it up and running. lol

Wednesday the sun actually came out. Last day of quarantine ... don't see much changing in our lives though. Ray managed to take a rainbow picture yesterday. We spent a couple of hours sitting in the sunshine in the backyard before the clouds came in again. Robyn Belyea, a friend of Kristi's brought some groceries for us today from Thrifty's ... fresh fish.  Tomorrow I will go into Duncan and pick up our online Walmart order at 8am and then to the vet's to pick up Freya's meds. They are also dropping the bag for me outside their door as I have already paid for it.

Thursday, March 26th OUT OF OUR 14 DAY QUARANTINE! Although nothing much will change in our lifestyle. lol

I was up and out the door by 7:15am to Walmart for my order. Worked pretty slick. You call when you arrive and the guy rolls out the cart with your stuff and loaded into the back of the car that we had put a tarp down to not contaminate the car. I did get about 3/4 of my order so not too bad. What I didn't get I was able to add to the Superstore order I'm picking up on Saturday afternoon. It is hard to get time slots for shopping. I have already booked another Walmart one for 10 days from now and booked a spot with Save-on-foods. The kid that loaded my groceries said they are only taking 30 orders a week for pickup ... that is not very many considering the population.

Once home it was time to "glove up" and put all the groceries on the sanitized kitchen island and proceed with disinfecting everything. Giving the veggies a dip in soap with a little bleach water and rinsing. What a lot of work but so worth it to not get sick.

Downside, my kitchen towel is noticing I put some bleach in the water and is turning orange in a few places. lol

That was the end of week two of quarantine, now for months of self-isolation.


  1. I am sure on line shopping will continue to be quite popular even after this is all over. We will have to give it a try sometime!

    1. I still prefer to see the food before I purchase. lol However will use this method until this virus is wiped out in our area.

  2. Thank goodness for online shopping...although it is hard to get time slots for pickup. Very popular. Scary times...stay safe!

  3. Small town living is pretty good here. Got same day grocery delivery and they stocked almost everything. We're good to go out on monday and will probably go local grocery shopping. Not a fan of Walmart in good times much either. Stay safe and healthy, go fishing, you have a good spot for it ;)

    1. We will fish once the rain stops ... been raining all week . :)