Glowing Wild Lantern Display, Redding CA

Glowing Wild Lantern Display, Redding CA

Wednesday 20 September 2023

Richland, WA to Junction City, OR Sept 17 and 18th

 Sunday morning, it's shower day so a slower start hitting the road. Beautiful sunrise. 

We've only a two hour drive today, so no hurry. We started down the highway at 8:30 am and it's a great drive through Portland, minimal traffic going south, but a little more people going north.

We stopped at Woodburn Outlet Mall for some shopping. Last time we were there is about 5 years ago. They have an Icebreaker Store where Ray gets his moreno wool t-shirts. They have a great RV Parking lot, so it worked out pretty good. Of course I went Christmas Shopping for Amelia.

Back in the coach to our destination today, Countryside Interiors, in Junction City Oregon to have our driving seats re-upholstered. We'd arranged for this last spring. First up is lunch. We picked a Chinese Food place across the street and it's delicious. We barely made a dent in it and will have enough for another meal easily. We finished lunch at 2 pm and that filled us up for the rest of the day. lol

We spent the rest of the day setting up the coach and trying to get our new DISH TV system working. Of course it didn't ... The new dish is not talking to the receivers. They also did not send us the 2 external hard drives for the 2 receivers so we can record programs. What a pain. Apparently, the shipment got delayed and it will be delivered on the 19th to Ray's sister in Tacoma. A fat lot of good that does us. I have a call in for a supervisor to call me so we can get it sent to St. George Utah where we will be on September 30th. (Dish emailed back and that's what they will do.)

It's quite hot out here at 82F (30C) We ran the A/C a few times to cool our unit down. As they day wore on , we realized this isn't the "safest" place to be.  There is a McDonalds Restaurant across the road from us and this guy obviously on drugs is absolutely manic .... running back and forth screaming on top of his lungs talking with imaginary people. Not the best area to park overnight, so I didn't sleep very good. It's also hot in the MH and we couldn't open very many windows because of the safety issues. There's also a lot of trains that go by blowing their whistles frequently which also didn't help. Oh well only 2 nights here and we are on our way again.

Monday morning we left shortly after 9am after giving the keys to the technician. I thought that they took the chairs completely out but only some pieces, arms, bottoms and foot rest etc. the frame stayed. They did put a new ball bearing kit into the bottom of my chair so it doesn't tip anymore. lol

We headed into downtown Eugene to see a few places Ray wanted to take pictures. Even though a cloudy day it's a pleasant 70F to walk around.

First up is the Owen Rose Garden. What a gorgeous place. We are about 1 month later than we should've beeen to really see the bloom period. Still lots to see and smell though.

Offering 400 varieties of roses in a spectacular setting along the Willamette River. The garden will enchant with its abundant roses and what is believed to be the country's oldest and largest Black Tartarian cherry tree, planted in 1847. (Google)

The smell walking through the gardens is amazing. Ray strolled around using his camera and I used my Samsung phone for the portrait pics of the roses.

Some of the roses have interesting names. lol

Tequila Supreme

Rainbow Sorbet

Don't know what this is but it sure is pretty.

Even the washrooms look nice.

We then drove up to the Skinner Butte Climbing Columns, basalitic lava hexagons. 

And then down the hill to take a picture of the Shelton McMurphy Johnson House. The usual story of a timber baron, building a big house on a hill overlooking the city. It's closed today so no tour.

Across the street is the Eugene Train Station, so Ray jumped out to take a picture. This is still a functioning station used by Amtrak.

Before getting to the Fifth Street Market, we stopped for a picture of the Hult Centre for the Performing Arts. A well-known building that shows off reflections in it's huge glass facade. Unfortunately the lighting isn't that great today.

Back in the car for a couple of blocks to the Fifth Street Public Market District. We wandered through for 30 minutes or so. Ray got some nice pics.

Market District is known for 5th Street Public Market, a buzzing hub for upscale dining and chic indie boutiques, with craft pubs mixing in with wine bars and artisan coffee shops in surrounding streets. Skinner Butte Park features circular hiking trails and a climbing area, plus city and mountain vistas from the Lookout. The 1880s Shelton McMurphey Johnson House is a museum with rooms furnished in Victorian style. (Google)

Time for lunch. We chose an Irish Pub downtown, rated #1 pub by Yelp. Pint Pot Irish Pub. Delicious. Ray ordered the Irish Stew with soda bread and I the Shepherds Pie with soda bread.

Driving home we saw this car. Talk about small!

Back home for 2 pm. The technician is still screwing the chairs back together, one piece at a time as the other technician reupholsters it inside their shop. Reupholstering is half the cost of new chairs as we did not need a new power supply as the current system works fine. As work is still being done and getting in and out of the door a problem.... I stayed inside and Ray did a little more touring for pictures in the area. 

Frontier Park

Gale F. Fletcher Memorial Garden.

Mary E. Pitney House Historial Museum

Thistledown Farm Market

Pink Banana Squash

Sweet Meat Squash

Ray returned at 4 and by 4:30, Levi had finished our seats.

Seats before being reupholstered

Seats after being reupholstered. 

Just like brand new and my chair is sturdy again and doesn't rock with the new bearing kit installed. They said my chair is the worst they have ever seen. lol

Rest of the night we relaxed reading and Ray editing all his pictures. On the road again tomorrow.

While doing that we realized we heard a train really, really close. How about right down the middle of the road in front of us?

Kind of blurred but it was the best we could do while Ray ran out the door. lol


  1. As you know, we do not care for big cities. Especially cities like Portland. Last time we were there, the homeless were everywhere! That said, I would like to see the Irish Pub, The Farm Market, The Johnson house and those columns!

  2. You found lots of beautiful sights in the area! Amazing what a difference a month can make...the weather wasn't as warm when we were there late October last year!

    1. Yes it was beautiful walking through all the roses.