Indian Canyon, Palm Springs, CA

Friday, 11 October 2019

Lone Rock Campground ... briefly!!! On to Flagstaff ... Wagons Ho!

A few leftover pictures from Saint George ... look at the size of the donuts at the Smith's! Bigger than my hand!

This beauty was in the parking lot. We actually saw quite a few old cars around town, so their must have been a rally of some kind going on during the World Senior Games.

Wednesday afternoon we arrived after a few hours drive. We stopped in Kanab to pick up our "America the Beautiful" pass so we would only have to pay the camping fee instead of both the camping fee and entrance fee here at Lone Rock.

We hit the sani-dump and filled the water tank before deciding where we were going to camp. The predicted wind storm was up and you could see the streams of sand blowing across the beach. The park attendant strongly suggested we stay up top on the gravel as the beach was pretty soft, especially as the sand filled all the holes you could not see.

Ray and I stayed inside with the generator on and A/C running as it was 86F and it was cooking in the coach  Of course you couldn't open the windows for the sand. Finally at 6:30 pm the wind died down so we reversed the process.  Everything seemed okay and the inverter came on. Ray went out for an evening stroll to see the sunset and snap some pictures. I was able to get baby cuddles. One of the people in the "Rent a Van" wanted to see the inside of our coach as they had never seen anything like it coming from the Netherlands. I in turn got some baby time with her 11 month old son Owen. So cute, loved Ray's arrowroot cookies. lol

Our view out our side window.

Lone Rock on the right

At 8 pm the TV shut off unexpectedly and oh "S>>T" the fridge was off again. No power. Well that was the final straw. Also our water pump was not working very well and we had no water for an hour or so. No power ... no water, I'm outta here!

Unfortunately we had paid for 3 days so we ate $28. Ray spent a bit of time on the phone and we found someone in Flagstaff that would look at us today. After picking up Freya's meds at Walmart we hit the road to Flagstaff. A beautiful drive. I managed to snag a spot at Black Bart's RV Park. We arrived at about 1:30 pm AZ time and by 3:30 pm AZ time our guy Lee had our power issues solved and we were up and running. He will come back tomorrow and swap out our new water pump (one month old) that is not working either. I booked for a week as I want to make sure everything works before we take off again. Lee will take care of a few other minor issues we have at the same time.

All in all everything is working out. Tonight we are going out for dinner as they have a great Steak House on the property with great reviews. Yumm. The dinner was fabulous and the serving staff double as singers as well.  The "Piano Man" they had was good too.  A great date night and end to a harried day.)

This of course will also be tomorrow nights dinner. lol
Ray and I have passed through Flagstaff several times and never stopped here, so we are kind of looking forward to spending a week and see what there is to see. Stay tuned to what we find. :) Seems to be lot's of breweries!


  1. Great spot but your wearing a coat... why are you wearing a coat? I'm not wearing a coat. ;) Hope you get all your odds and ends sorted out soon.

    1. We are having a "cold spell" from Canada lol. However Flagstaff is at just under 7000 feet and cool and windy as soon as the sun starts to set. Minus temps overnight but the sun is so much stronger here that when the wind is not blowing it feels like 20C during the day. :)

    2. Power problems solved ... a loose plate that the huge fuse sits on ... water pump changed out but still overfilling tank so we need to do something about the tank fill/city water valve. TBA how that works out.

  2. Bummer about Lone Rock but glad to see you got it fixed quickly. That steak looks awesome!

  3. Aren't RV's fun to maintain??!! Yuk. But good to hear it was nothing major. It is just short of two years ago we met you guys for the first time at Lone Rock. I think it is still one of our top three spots to camp.
    Flagstaff is great, but there are other things to see than breweries! Be sure to go to the Observatory.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. We went on the train to the Grand Canyon today. A great experience, warming us up for our weeks stay there next week.